Your face will change without plastic surgery!

Did you know that the structure of your face can change shape even without plastic surgery? The location of your tongue and the way you breathe play a huge role in shaping your facial features.

The correct mouth posture

The correct mouth posture is crucial to have the perfect facial structure. The correct posture is where your lips are touching each other, your top and bottom molars are pressed together, and your tongue is plastered to your palate.

Causes of  face structure alterations

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A change in facial structure is a result of two things—mouth breathing and tongue placement. Both work together to alter face structure.

In mouth breathing, the tongue is placed at the bottom of the mouth or in the middle of the mouth. This negatively affects the development of the maxilla—the upper jaw bone. Instead of the normal U-shaped maxilla, the downward pressure of the tongue results in a V-shaped maxilla, which results in a long and narrow shaped face.

The tongue is a powerful muscle. When it does not touch your palate, your cheek muscles hollow-in because the tongue is not putting enough pressure to hold them out. The sunk-in cheeks push the teeth together, which causes crowding.

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Mouth breathing can be a result of allergies, which block the nose and force individuals to breathe through their mouths.

Other reasons why you might develop a different face structure are the use of Sippy cups and pacifiers as kids. These things also cause your tongue to press on the bottom of the mouth.

How myofunctional therapy can help?without plastic surgery, no face wrinkles, face yoga near me

Many people assume that face structure can be altered through braces. However, many orthodontists noticed that using braces was not having a long-lasting effect on their patients.

This is why I recommend opting for myofunctional therapy. In this, trained therapists, like myself, teach clients exercises for proper tongue placement, breathing, chewing and swallowing.

Myofunctional problems can start at a very young age. For this reason, I work with both adults and children.  Do not wait for your child to grow older; the sooner you address the issue the better it will be as children have a more flexible facial structure.

Depending on age and cause, exercises should be tailored to meet individual needs, which is why I prefer making personalized treatment plans for my clients. I devise this plan after I assess my client under a 30-minute free consultation. If I feel he/she needs therapy, I devise a treatment plan and move ahead with treatment.

Myofunctional therapy promises long-lasting and harmless treatment effects. So, if you want to receive therapy from the comfort of your home, contact me for Skype sessions.