How much does myofunctional therapy cost?

Comprehensive Program


Save $300 for payment in full

20-24 sessions

( 1-1.5 year program)

Intensive Phase I Program


Save $100 for payment in full

12-14 sessions

(4-6 months)

The Mini- Myo Program


Save $50 for payment in full

(1 year program)

 Top-Speed Myo Program


2,4 or 6 sessions


  • For payment in full for recommended treatment
  • Discount for treatment of 2+ family members

I also offer flexible payment plans with 0% interests or fees.

Many orofacial myofunctional therapists don’t list their fees, and you need to contact them to get a quote.

I respect my clients and their time.  I created this page for personal reference of what you might expect. I hope you will find this information very useful and time saving.

Please note that all my treatment programs are individualized and based on the client needs and habits. Not every client needs a one-year therapy program. The length of the program depends on severity of myofunctional disorder. Most of my clients complete the program from 4-6 months, but compliance is key.  

  The Comprehensive Therapy Program – $2400

Extensive and advanced myofunctional disorders such as multiple myofunctional disorders. The comprehensive therapy plan is a 12-month program that incorporates as many sessions as needed to address the issues effectively.

Each session lasts for 30 minutes on weekly and bi-weekly basis.

This program has three sections:

  • Intensive Stage I
  • Habituation Stage II
  • Retention Stage III

In the Intensive Stage, I treat the disorders involving swallowing, drinking, nasal breathing, muscles, and the posture of the tongue at rest

In the Habitual Stage II, all aspects of breathing, sleep, posture and other individual concerns are addressed.

In the Retention Stage III, the follow-up therapies are aimed at reinforcing the newly learned habits to ensure they are sustained. Any other residual concerns are also addressed and treated at this stage.

Intensive Phase I Therapy Plan:  $1200

For patients with moderate intensity of myofunctional disorders, the Intensive Phase I therapy plan is ideally suited.

Intensive therapy plan includes:

  • Posture of the tongue at rest
  • Proper chewing, swallowing, nasal breathing, and orofacial muscle strengthening
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring Therapy
  • Tongue-Tie Therapy
  • Tongue Thrust Therapy
  • Orthodontic Relapse
  • Mouth Breathing

The plan comprises of 12- 14 sessions.

We a going to meet online via Skype for 30 minutes every week or bi-weekly.

The Top-Speed Myo Program: $350+

The Top-Speed Therapy is designed exclusively for these patients who need support and exercises after a tongue tie release.

This therapy program consists of 2,4 or 6 sessions based on the individual requirements and the extent of support required. The program delivers two sessions before the tongue tie release surgery, and the remaining sessions are conducted post the surgery to strengthen and retrain the tongue muscles.

  • Most of time the Tongue Tie goes hand on hand with other myofunctional disorders.

This program might be a good start, but may require extension to  Intensive Phase I Therapy or Comprehensive Plan.  

The Mini- Myo Therapy Program:  $650

The Mini-Myo program is specifically focused on improving myofunctional disorders in children between the ages of 4 and 7.

Being an intensive one-year program, one session is delivered every month over a period of one year. 

This program involves and encourages the participation of both the children as well as their parents who are the primary caregivers whose support is invaluable to the child!

The program also delivers specialized sessions to help the child get rid of habits such as thumb sucking.



  • For payment in full for recommended treatment
  • Discount for treatment of 2+ family members

I also offer flexible payment plans with 0% interests or fees.