Headaches and TMJ Pain

headache, TMJ pain, Jaw pain, myofacial therapy for tmj, myofunctional therapy orofacial disorder, headaches and tmj painConstant headaches may be triggered by many factors, one of which is myofunctional disorder.

Let’s take a closer look at how orofacial disorders form:

Majority of orofacial disorders start from improper tongue position in the mouth. Very often it is taking place in childhood during orofacial development. If myofunctional disorders are left untreated, it will roll as a snow ball and lead to more health problems in adulthood.

The proper position of the tongue is plastering at the roof of the mouth, and the tip of it is located on the tiny bump behind the upper anterior teeth.

Orofacial myofunctional disorder takes place when the tongue adapts abnormal resting posture.  When tongue rests in the wrong spot, it contributes to thrusting the tongue forward and/or sideways against or between the teeth.

Orofacial disorders cause overuse, tension, and pain of the facial and neck muscles. When oral muscles learn “new” or improper ways to function, the facial and neck muscles are forced to compensate for it resulting in headaches and TMJ problems.

 Myofunctional Therapy for Headaches and TMJ Pain

My convenient online myofunctional therapy programs begin with a review of the clinical symptoms followed by a comprehensive exam. I then design customized treatment plans to exercise and train oral muscles in proper positioning and functioning.

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