Digestive Issues

swallowing problems, improper swallowing, air swallowing, foor refusal, acid reflux, stomach painSwallowing problems and fast eating cause Aerophagia – excessive and repetitive air swallowing. Aerophagia may ultimately result in uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. Swallowing problems are also associated with complications such as silent aspiration, acid reflux, food/liquid residue, limited variety in diet for age, food aversion or refusal, gagging or vomiting with meals, etc.

How Myofunctional Therapy Helpsmyofunctional therapy, improper swallowing, gag reflex, food aversion, food refusal

Myofunctional therapy comprises a series of breakthrough exercise techniques that train the oral muscles to regain their normal functionalities. Just as physical therapist exercises, corrects, and strengthens body muscles, myofunctional therapist corrects oral muscle function.

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